Mystery Nights

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2018 Mystery Night Guests

$20 per person plus our normal lodging rates.

$35 per person without an overnight stay.

With the understanding that  the COVID-19 pandemic limits our ability to host these, we are currently taking reservations for Mysteries from November 2022 to April 2023, as available.  All participants must be in the same COVID “bubble”, and must be fully vaccinated for COVID.  

“This is so cool!” – just about everybody

These have been fun!  The Scandinavian Inn offers MYSTERY NIGHTS, held in a B&B specially designed to host them!  Our mysteries are unique because they involve the entire house — throughout the evening, participants move about the house, with clues evolving as the evening progresses.

Mystery Night Scandinavian Inn

You’ve got to be kidding

“I thoroughly enjoyed getting into character while experiencing a creative and delightful evening exploring a captivating and ingenious house!”
– RB, 2018

Think Agatha Christie.  Think of a time in history where telephones were the peak of technology, when paper was the common medium of communication.  Characters gather with a common interest, but perhaps have secrets of their own.  Think of a how-did-it-happen puzzle to solve, without the murder.

Participants both play a role in and help solve a puzzle.  A typical evening includes (with approximate times):


–           B&B check-in (3:00-4:00)
–           A briefing of characters and their roles (4:30-5:30)
–           Dinner on your own (5:30 – 7:00)
–           Return to the B&B for the mystery (7:00)
–           An evening filled with intrigue and resolution, followed by
–           A night at the B&B, and
–           Breakfast the following morning.

Thinking about doing a Mystery but don’t want the overnight?  The Scandinavian Inn is also offering Mysteries on afternoons or evenings for $35 per person.  Please call for arrangements.  

Still interested?  Please read on….  Below is an example of one of our Mystery scenarios:

New Years Murder Mystery Event Fun Intrigue Puzzle

Identical twin Christine

In 1940, your wealthy French Uncle Vincent foresaw the German invasion of France.  An avid art collector, he quickly hid away his valuable are collection and left his home to take a “holiday”.  As he was leaving, he sent of identical letters to each of his nephews and nieces.  He survived the war, but died unexpectedly before he was able to return to his home.

The year is 1946.  World War II has ended, and Europe is working to rebuild.   As his heirs, you, his nephews and nieces, have gathered at his home to attempt to locate his priceless artwork collection while the clock is ticking.

Emails may be sent out ahead of time to each participant, providing information about the characters.  If you are able and willing to crawl a few yards or hide in a closet for a few minutes, all the better!

Participants are on their own for dinner.  

We hope to hear from you!    – Peter and Vicki


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