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2018 Mystery Night Guests

These have been fun!  The Scandinavian Inn now offers MYSTERY NIGHTS, held in a B&B specially designed to host them!  Our mysteries are unique because they involve the entire house — throughout the evening, characters move about the house, with notes left in bedrooms telling them what to do next as the evening progresses.

“I thoroughly enjoyed getting into character while experiencing a creative and delightful evening exploring a captivating and ingenious house!”
– RB, 2018

Think Agatha Christie.  Think of a time in history where telephones were the peak of technology, when paper was the common medium of communication, when fingerprints were the ultimate means of identification.  Think of characters gathered with a common interest, all with secrets of their own to conceal.  Think of a how-did-it-happen puzzle to solve, without the murder.

Participants assume the roles of characters (in the spirit of Agatha Christie, but without the murder) and will both participate in and help solve a puzzle.  The evening includes (with approximate times):

–           B&B check-in (3:00-4:00)
–           A briefing of characters and their roles (4:30-5:30)
–           Dinner on your own (5:30 – 7:00)
–           Arrive in character at the B&B (7:00)
–           After-dinner dessert at the B&B, where the mystery will begin to unfold, evolving into
–           An evening filled with deception, treachery, intrigue, and resolution, followed by
–           A night at the B&B, and
–           Breakfast the following morning.

Emails are sent out ahead of time to each participant, providing information about the characters.  Private emails are also sent out so each participant can learn things only they know about their character.

2019 Mystery Nights will be offered on Saturday and Sunday evenings throughout January, February, and March.  Because we are newly launching this, we our offering Mystery Nights as part of a one-night stay at our normal lodging rates, plus an additional $20 per person.  We would need 6-8 people and at least three rooms to make a Mystery Night happen.  See the bottom of this page for available dates.

Still interested?  Please read on….  Below is an example of one of our Mystery Night scenarios:

woman looking through magnifying glass

Mystery Night at the Scandinavian Inn

The year is 1946.  World War II has ended, and Europe is working to rebuild.  

Living in occupied Germany is an American businessman who contracts with the US military, supplying basic goods.  By night, however, he is a dealer in black-market artwork.  His current location is ideal for such activity; no one knows which works of art survived the destruction of WWII and which were destroyed.

The American has acquired a particular painting that he wishes to profit from.   He has sent out feelers to those he believes would be interested in placing bids.  The mystery night begins as parties arrive at his home to participate in a black-market auction.

Dressing in clothing of the era is not crucial, but it adds to the fun.  We expect to suggest an item or two to wear when we send you your individual character info.

Participants are on their own for dinner.  Dessert is provided as part of the mystery night.

If you are interested, we encourage you to gather up friends and reserve 3 or 4 rooms for a particular Saturday night listed above.  As time passes, we hope to come up with a method of people reserving room by room, but for starters we need to reserve rooms as blocks to ensure that the evening will happen.  Breakfast is, of course, provided as part of your B&B stay.

So, wish us luck and we hope to hear from you!  Reserve early and have time to learn about your character.  – Peter and Vicki

Available dates for 2019 Mystery Nights (last updated 1/15/2019):

Saturday          Sunday
Jan 5                Jan 6
Jan 12              Jan 13
Jan 19              Jan 20
Jan 26              Jan 27
Feb 2                Feb 3
Feb 9                Feb 10
Feb 16               Feb 17
Feb 23              Feb 24
Mar 2                Mar 3
Mar 9                Mar 10
Mar 16              Mar 17
Mar 23              Mar 24
Mar 30              Mar 31

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