Our Good Neighbor Approach

The Scandinavian Inn focuses on a simple approach to comfort, and continually seeks new ways to operate in an environmentally-sensitive manner to minimize our footprint on the planet. For example, you will not find excessively-packaged items at our inn. Our lawn care does not harm wildlife, neighborhood pets, or Lanesboro’s children, nor does it contribute to chemical run-off into the Root River.  Steps taken to date include those listed below:

  • Run local errands by bicycle or by foot
  • Operate an energy-efficient geothermal heating/cooling system
  • Purchase organic produce at cooperatives and our Farmer’s Market, using regionally-grown items when available
  • Serve free-range meats and eggs, locally raised as available
  • Use local milk bottled right on the farm
  • Provide cloth napkins at breakfast
  • Brew shade-grown, fair market coffees
  • Line-dry towels and linens outdoors when the weather permits
  • Apply no synthetic lawn chemicals (we applied corn gluten for a while, with no noticeable success)
  • Mow using a non-motorized reel lawnmower and shovel snow by hand
  • Compost
  • Provide vegetable-based bath soaps
  • Use environmentally-friendly detergents and cleaning products
  • Purchase wind-generated power
  • Avoid over-use of air conditioning

We recognize the need to provide comfort to our guests — our bedrooms have air conditioning. But we like to give open windows, fans, and natural ventilation a chance first.

When we contemplate changes, we always ask ourselves, “Is this change moving us closer or farther from our environmentally-sensitive goals?” It’s an ever-evolving effort, and we welcome suggestions from our guests.

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